Usd - Realm - 2012 - White

  • Hedonskate Apparel

The Realm skate is a skate focused on bringing new riders into the sport. At an affordable price with great specs including a perfectly functional soulplate and Kizer frame with USD wheels and bearings it really is streets ahead of any superstore entry level skate, and can be skated as hard as you like right out of the box, with 0 limitations. Thanks to its plastic and material hybrid design, it is one of the lightest hardboot skates on the market, if not the lightest.

The Realm skate comes with a re-designed, replaceable soulplate an can often be found with Kizer frames and a complete USD wheel setup.

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Thanks to the richest and the widest offer, USD is in the lead concerning aggressive skate manufacture. USD is a part of TheConference family – the brand which like no other helps to grow aggressive inline popularity worldwide.