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Xsjado Chris Farmer 6 - Custom

Xsjado - Chris Farmer 6 - Skeleton Only

Xsjado - Chris Farmer 6 - Skeleton Only

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The Black Jack Project - ABEC 9 Bearings

Great Performance for a great price. More precise bearings that offer you more speed and more fun. If you skate park and street alike - these are for you! You like to skate fast, don’t let slow bearings stop you. BETTER FAST THAN SORRY!

Black Jack

TheBlackJack Project is a German clothing brand estabilished by blade artist Tim Wolf. TheBlackJack clothes are characterised by simple yet very catchy designs in distinguishing black-white colors. Currently TheBlackJack Project crew consists of Marc MorenoGabriel HydenPatrick RidderChris BergDave BenskiBart LaubschTim Wolff and also Hedonskate rider - Dominic Bruce.