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Xsjado 2.0 + Chris Farmer 6 Footwrap

Xsjado - Team 2.0 - Skeleton

Xsjado - Team 2.0 - Skeleton

Xsjado - Chris Farmer Footwrap 6

Xsjado - Chris Farmer Footwrap 6

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Xsjado - Team 2.0 - Skeleton

Long awaited version 2.0 of ultimate customization skate from Xsjado

The main new feature is two-piece cuff for more flex and improved one-piece soulplate made of much harder materials.

Xsjado 2.0 skates are now available in two extra shell sizes for your convinience. 


Size table

Foot Size3838 2/339 1/34040 2/341 1/34242 2/343 1/34444 2/345 1/34646 2/347 1/348


The result of hard work between Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn, the Xsjado skate is different than everything else.The construction, which lets the user control every part of the shell and total freedom in self-adaptation to individual style. Innovative footwrap concept (instead of standard liners) gives the rider the freedom of total urban experiences, eliminating the need of carrying a pair of extra shoes.