Season 2019 brings a lot of news in the KIDS skates segment. Companies respond to the growing interest in the sport of the young generation - the choice of equipment increases significantly!
A big change in the majority of new models of kids skates is a gradual departure from the size adjustment solution - the stretching, two-element shells are replaced by a one-piece shell (proportionally reduced to the children's size). This solution significantly improves skating comfort by offering stiffer ankle protection.

What's new in 2019?

Razors Genesys Junior 2019 - a well-known and proven kids skate model from Razors. Adjustable size 36-39, option to replace each part. This time in a completely new color and available in two versions:

Razors Shift Loca - Designed by and for female skaters, the Loca skate comes with a new V-cut shaped cuff and a new smaller shell (UK3-UK4) – tailored for those with smaller feet, but who demand heightened performance. Based on Razors’ Shift shell - it comes with the Instant Frame Changing system - allowing instant frame changing to free skating or big wheel setups. The Loca features Reign V2 liners, GC FLT3 frames and GC 57mm/90A wheels.