Hedonskate offers a wide range of aggressive skates for the youngest skaters.

Aggressive skates for children are characterized by all the features of aggressive skates for adults - it is a professional sport equipment, that can be used to start learning tricks at the skate park or streets.


a) adjustable size; This size ranges depending on the brand

In the case of USD and Razors kids skates - the size is adjusted by loosening the bolts connecting the frame with the boot, and then extend the front part to the desired length.

In the case of Xsjado skates, adjust the size by changing the settings of velcro straps and buckles. Xsjado Junior skates are available as "skeleton" in which a user puts his own shoes.

b) interchangeable parts - Aggressive skates for children have the option to exchange the individual components (as their adult counterparts) such as:

With this solution, even the most avid athlete can safely use one pair of skates for several seasons.

c)Kids aggressive skates are compatible with UFS (ang. Universal Frame System), this means that all frames on Hedonskate.com will easily fit into the kids version of the skate