BLADE DIARY by Pietro Firrincieli

Words by Pietro: 

"...I was scared of losing my life while doing something I didn’t care about. Something meaningless. Trading happiness for satisfaction.
And I decided to quit. Everything. 
It wasn’t easy. I had to explain my decisions to my family, my girlfriend and everyone around me. Of course, no one understood or supported those decisions. 
I was alone, but I always had been, in fact. I was the only one who believed Blading was important. That being grown up doesn’t mean accepting an unhappy life and forgetting your dreams. Or who you are.
I spent the rest of the year touring Italy, visiting the lifelong Blading friends I grew up with, and going to contests to make memory of our new times together. I wanted to show our lifestyle. The beauty and the freedom of our way of living...."


Hedonskate is based in Poland and is not only a hub for rollerblading in Europe but also a world class store. If you have been to a rollerblading event anywhere in the world you will have not only seen them supporting with sponsorship - but probably met the guys there too!

The original Hedonskate shop is located in Katowice. It was started seven years ago by Mirek Ragan – being an active rollerblader, and having huge difficulties with getting the equipment he wanted to do something about it. Slowly, he was gathering suitable people who were willing to help him, and soon created a tight crew who made Hedonskate what it is today.

The scene in Poland is getting bigger and bigger, and without any doubt Hedonskate has had a huge influence on it. By organizing countless tours, demos, contests, inviting many well known pros the scene is constantly developing, each time getting many youngsters into rollerblading.

Hedon skate has now expanded into the UK to provide the ssame offering but without the stress of currency conversions, longer delivery times and risk of unknown taxes.

Hedonskate is represented by team of talented individuals from all over Europe.