50/50 - Abec 9 (8 szt.)

  • Hedon Apparel Sweaters

We’ve been testing bearings for a while and found these ABEC-9 bearings were the best balance between price and quality. The 50/50 ABEC-9 bearings are high performance and completely sealed to keep dirt and moisture out. Cause let’s be real, you’re never going to clean your bearings!




50/50 was started in 1994 with one focus, make skating better. OThe first product was the 50/50 Grindplate, a mix of plastic and metal to make grinds easier. Next 50/50 evolved the grindplate design until realizing the frame could become the grindplate. This created the aftermarket frame market, a replacement for the frames that came on your skates that made skating better.

Over the years the frame design and mounting systems evolved. Follow us through our frame history. 50/50 is represented by Jon Fromm and Stefan Brandow.