Wicked - Abec 7 Freespin 608 (x8) - Lucy Pack

  • Nils Jansons

The Wicked ABEC 7 bearings are the upper mid-range ABEC bearings in the collection. They are the perfect compromise between performance, durability, and value.

Each bearing is made from high-quality chrome steel and lubricated with Kyodo grease. The WCD ABEC 7 is the right choice if you are looking for a reliable and fast bearing.



  • Nils Jansons

Wicked is a producer of top-quality bearings for inline & roller skates, skateboards and scooters. From standard ABEC bearings to specialized models dedicated to speed skating. All Wicked are designed and tested by the best skaters in the world from various disciplines of in-line skating. In addition to a wide gamma of products, the company's products come in unique and multi-functional packaging, which can be useful in many emergency situations.