Symetrics V.4 - Ready2Roll - White

  • Beanie x 2


The Symetrics flat frames v4 RVS now come with our own hardware, made in-house. The hardware is made of stainless steel (in Dutch: RVS) and is the first 'aggressive' hardware made on a CNC machine.

The dimensions of the Symetrics v4 RVS frames have not changed compared to the v4 original or the v3 version of the frames!

The Symetrics flat frame is specifically designed for riding flat and can fit wheels up to 62mm. When used in combination with the Symetrics v4 soulplates, you can ride wheels up to 65mm (64mm flat shape or 65mm bullet shape).

If you do not have the Symetrics v4 Soulplates, you can simply make some small wheel wells in your soulplates to fit the 65mm wheels.

It is the first frame to offer a dual angled groove that ensures a better ability to lock onto grinds. By combining a smaller and shallower groove with the perfect frame wall thickness the grinding surface will be diverted away from your wheels, ensuring you will not get stuck on your wheels while grinding. The frames are CNC machined out of the same material as the Symetrics soulplates, so they slide like butter and are extremely durable.

  • Small size recommended for sizes EU36-42 / UK4-8 / US4.5-9
  • Large size recommended for sizes EU42-47 / UK8-12 / US9-13
  • CNC Machined
  • Wheelbase size small: 254mm
  • Wheelbase size large: 270mm
  • Max wheel size: 62mm frame only, 65mm in combination with Symetrics v4 soulplates
  • 8mm steel 'UFS' bolts
  • Set includes a set of Symetrics flat frames, bolts and spacers


Size table

SizeSize SSize L
Shell Size38-4243-47


  • Hedonskate Starter Pack

The Adapt Brand is a Dutch boot company founded by Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant. By creating a unique boot design with only the best materials, Adapt is putting its mark on the industry. Every step we take is to offer you an improved product.

A high-end skate with unique features like the symmetrical soulplate system, lightweight carbon/kevlar structure and a perfect fit, all designed from scratch. It is our goal to treat every skate that is made like it is ours. Adapt is a handmade experience.

Adapt is the first contemporary skate brand with a blank background. No old molds, no big corporations backing it up, a completely new skate just made for rolling. Rollerblading is growing up. Time for our boots to follow.