Create Originals - CRS Frame - Deluxe Set

Custom Ride System UFS Frame Features:

  • Patent Pending Fully Customizable Urethane Suspension Frame Spacer Slider System with 4mm Max Travel
  • Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Construction
  • Minimal Side Wall Grind Space & 3mm Recessed Hardware ensures The Fastest & Smoothest Sliding Available
  • Extra Wide Split System Groove.
  • Same Tried & True Precisely Angled & Curved H-Block Pocket for Perfectly Balanced Groove Tricks as on our Graphic Display Frame
  • 59mm Max Flat, Anti, & Freestyle Setup with Suspension Spacers.
  • 8mm CRS Axles

The benefits of this revolutionary system are various. It creates a drastically smoother rolling experience on the roughest and smoothest surfaces, relieving stress to the knees and joints. This allows for bigger gaps and jumps to be taken on skates. You will also notice considerably sharper cornering and increased grip to the pavement and riding surfaces. The urethane spacers also store and release energy giving and extra "boost" when riding transitions, allowing for higher airs and jumps.

The Urethane Spacer not only provides a customizable amount of shock absorption but at certain hardnesses also stores and rebounds energy that can enhance inline skating reaction performance and cornering grip. The CRS Urethane Suspension Spacers are interchangeable and can be manufactured in many degrees of industry standard hardnesses, from a rubber like softness of 25A to an anti rocker wheel hardness of 100A and all the way up to a 85D scale hardness with the rigidity of a bowling ball.

Size table

SizeSize SSize L
Shell Size38-4243-47

Create Originals

It is the very first and only UFS frame where you can customize the graphic through a display on the frame. This versatile, patent pending system allows you to design, insert and display graphic images, while protecting them with a shatterproof, slide-in, clear protective shield. You can even insert your own designs, making the customisation possibilities endless.