Ground Control - Featherlite 2 - Black

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The innovative idea of the lightest frame on the market from Ground Control designers comes back with second edition of Featherlite frame. Ground Control Featherlite II introduces a number of improvements making Ground Control a leader in designing frames for street skating.

It seems impossible but the frame was slimmed down again, reducing the weight even more. To reduce friction, the grind walls are smaller, yet they sticking out far more – your grinds have never been so fast! Also the bolts were designed in a such way that only one Alan key is needed to unscrew the the wheels (patent used already in GC Formula 1 frames). Another upgrade is lack of rockerings – the frames have edgings that hold the wheel in the right place. The H-block itself was redesigned too. It's slightly smaller but it it sticks out more, which makes perfect groove for royale tricks. The Featherlite II frame comes with nylon anti-rockers.

Size table

Size1 (S)2 (M)3 (L)
Shell SizeEU-38/EU-40EU-41/EU-45EU-46/EU-48

Ground Control

Ground Control has been the heading producer of aggressive frames for around a decade now. Proven and very characteristic material used in frame production has found multitude of fans worldwide. Featherlite series and BIG frames are one of the most wanted products in our industry.

Ground Control is represented by: Nils Jansons, Chris Smith, Andrew Broom, Alex Burston, Josh Glowicki, Matty Shrock.