Iqon AG 60 C Frames - Black

  • Nils Jansons
Iqon AG 60 aggressive inline frames

Designed meticulously under the vigilant eye of Justin Thursday, a notable figure in the aggressive skate parts design realm in recent times, the Iqon AG 60 aggressive inline frames manifest a blend of practicality and innovative style. Included in the set are a pair of frames, all necessary mounting screws, and a trio of logo inserts, each in a distinct colour. Justin himself declares the AG 60 frames to be devotedly crafted for flat setups, ensuring:

  • Superior wheel bite protection during grinds
  • A minimal height, allowing the use of  60 mm wheels without requiring a soul plate featuring wheel recesses
  • A lightweight, unified construction
  • The option to slightly adjust (rocker) the middle wheels by  1 mm, either up or down.
Iqon AG 60 aggressive inline frames - Why?

Upon an initial observation, the Iqon AG 60 may appear as a traditional frame for aggressive skating, accommodating eight wheels. Yet, a more detailed examination reveals:

Distinctive sidewall geometry and a corresponding shallow groove - The bottom edges are precisely shaved, facilitating an effortless alignment of the entire skate into the “cess slide royal” position. The Iqon Ag 60 frames are pre-shaped to mimic the form of well-”worn” frames right from the start. Thus, from the very first day of usage, you’re enabled to execute your preferred tricks, bypassing the often cumbersome “breaking-in” period.

The centre wheel position is rockerable - the included centre frame spacers can be raised or lowered, introducing a subtle 1 mm rocker to our frame. If you're seeking heightened manoeuvrability to complement a more dynamic skating style, the Iqon AG 60 emerges as a compelling assistant. Moreover, achieving the “banana” setup does not necessitate choosing two distinct wheel models, providing an additional advantage.

The Iqon AG 60 frame comes in two variants: carbon and fibreglass. The white Iqon AG 60 frames are crafted from nylon, reinforced with glass fibre, presenting a lighter and more economically friendly option. This selection would be particularly apt for skatepark enthusiasts who perhaps don’t subject their gear to rigorous use. Conversely, for those engaging in more challenging street sessions, opting for the black version, constructed with carbon, is advised. This choice delivers notable durability, especially perceptible during ledge grinds.

What else is worth knowing about the Iqon AG 60 frames?

The Iqon AG 60 frames are offered in three, different sizes:

  • S = 252 mm
  • M = 264 mm
  • L = 278 mm

Centre wheel split: 112 mm

It's pivotal to acknowledge that the L-size frame of the Iqon AG 60 is discernibly lengthier than most available on the market, a deliberate decision to ensure it not only snugly fits into the groove of larger skates but primarily to render an optimal experience when utilizing the rocker option.

For those aiming to skate in a classic flat setup (with all wheels levelled equally), selecting the M size, which proffers a shorter base, is vehemently recommended. Conversely, should you wish to exploit the adjustable centre wheel position and mildly lower them to visibly enhance manoeuvrability, the L size emerges as the preferable option.

Designed with flat or round profile wheels in mind, the Iqon AG 60 frames do not recommend utilization with bullet-type wheels. The width of the bottom edge of the Iqon AG 60 frames is favourably designed for executing cess slide tricks. However, with cut-profile wheels, it could inadvertently simplify “stepping” into the slide.

Size table

Size1 (S)2 (M)3 (L)
Shell SizeEU-38/EU-40EU-41/EU-45EU-46/EU-48