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Roces 5th Element Aquamarine x Kaltik

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Kaltik Flat V.2 - Olive - Complete

  • Hedonskate Ilusion

Kaltik Flat v.2 is a refreshed version of the popular aggressive frame designed for riding in a flat setup (4 wheels in one frame). Optional wheel rocker system - each wheel can be set to different heights.

Optional rockering system 10mm difference Up/Down

Up/Down Max wheel size 70mm Outer/60mm Inner

  • Max 65mm Rockered Up Flat
  • Max 68mm Rockered Down Flat

Available in two sizes S & L

  • S [US 5-9] [UK 4-8] [EU 37-42]
  • L [US 9-13] [UK 8-12] [EU 42-47]

Size table

SizeSize 1: S/MSize 2: M/L
Shell Size38-4243-47


Kaltik was established in 2002 by Conor Manweiler. His aim was to support the Irish rollerblading scene. He wanted to produce clothing and hardware and sponsor a team. The team started out with six Irish riders in 2002. Kaltik`s siganture product - Stealth Flat frame convinced many to go back to flat setups!