Rockin 4x90 - Yellow

  • Nils Jansons

ROCKIN’ Frames are big wheel rockered frames which provide both maneuverability and stability while skating.
ROCKIN’ Frames are mainly designed for UFS mounting skates but can also be mounted on most of 165mm skates from major brands using our adapters (included). Our frames are offering low stance and are slightly tilted for better ergonomy and therefore better frame control.

This lightweight frame is the most agile of the 4-wheeled family. Because of it’s short wheelbase and lower stance (comapred to it’s elder brothers) it will be a matter of minutes to adjust to it. Which makes ROCKIN’ 490 a perfect allrounder for beginners and / or skaters with smaller boot sizes. Perfect frame for city skating, artistic skating and skatepark fun.


  • ROCKIN’ 4x90 Frame(1 Pair)
  • 8 steel axles (⌀8mm)
  • 4 UFS mounting bolts
  • 2 UFS to 165mm adapters
  • 2 M6 Mounting bolts for adapters
  • 2 M8 Mounting bolts for adapters

You might want to choose the right frame for you based on your skill level* and your skate size.

  • Skate size 220-260mm – ROCKIN’ 490 Frame
  • Skate size 265-300mm – ROCKIN’ 4100 Frame
  • Skate size 305-320mm – ROCKIN’ 4110 Frame

*We don’t recommend ROCKIN’ 4x110 Frame for beginners.



Enter the world of freeskating!
Enjoy the freedom of skating anytime, anywhere! Get creative and artistic in flatground skating, urban skating, skatepark, pump track. There are no limits anymore! 

Frame rocker
Rockin` Frames are low profile rockered frames with bigger wheels that provide both maneuverability and stability while skating. Regardless of the model our rocker is fun to skate and you will be amazed at the ease with which you make certain moves, master new ones and perhaps invent your own!