Rollerblade TRS Switch (No Hardware)

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The Rollerblade Switch UFS frame will fit up to a 72 mm wheel with the frame spacers positioned to the up position. The 2nd and 3rd frame spacers can be positioned so that a 56mm wheel can be used to ride flat with 72mm wheels in the 1st and 4th wheel positions.

The split of the 2nd and 3rd wheels can be adjusted from 10mm to 118mm by flipping the frame spacers. If you desire to use a wheel smaller than 72mm, the 1st and 4th frame spacers need to be positioned in the down position. This will prevent frame drag while turning. The Switch frame also includes flush axles (8 mm of diameter) and can be adjusted with a single tool.

Note: 72 & 76 mm will require wheel wells in your skates/soulplates


  • Hedon Apparel Sweaters

Rollerblade® created one of the fastest growing sports in the world and continues to be a leader in the inline skate market.

Originally perceived as an off-season training device for hockey players, Rollerblade® pioneered the inline skating boom by transforming inline skates to a widely accepted "lifestyle" product just about anyone can use. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fun seekers and Rollerblade® employees continue to enjoy the sport and experience of inline skating.