Ennui Elite PRO CJ - Black

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CJ is recognized as one of today's most talented aggressive inline skaters around the world, who continually pushes boundaries regarding what is possible with inline skates. When performing challenging tricks or risky moves, his steadfast assurance stems from using his own customized ENNUI Elite Pro CJ stunt helmet.

The development process for this remarkable helmet was quite lengthy - it took three years to reach completion and stands out from other comparable helmets due to its "over-injected honeycomb skeleton." Unlike many existing styles currently available on today's market that incorporate separate elements or EPS foam injection into singular molds afterward assembled with ABS or PVC shells; this innovative design highlights its approach instead by utilizing an infused honeycomb skeleton with EPS through over-injection processing.

Using such ingenuity when constructing this type of safety gear grants special advantages not typically found in similar stunt helmets.

The honeycomb skeleton, which comprises the understructure of the helmet, contributes to a low-volume structure designed for comfort while offering better protection by eliminating any burdensome weight or bulkiness.

In short, anyone seeking to accomplish the same feats as CJ and remain safe while doing so should invest in an ENNUI Elite Pro CJ helmet. This influential piece of equipment conforms to European Safety standards set for bicycle helmets and guarantees unwavering protection even during the most daring stunts.




ENNUI is a new concept of protective gear specifically designed for urban sports, and all non motorized wheeled sports. As skaters our aim is to create protective gear that we would wear ourselves, gear that keeps us safe and protects our bodies against all sorts of injuries while at the same time being unobtrusive, comfortable and looking good while wearing them on the streets.