Hedonskate 92 Crewneck - Brown

  • Nils Jansons

Thanks to the minimalist design and high-quality materials, the Hedonskate 92 sweatshirt is perfect for rollerblading sessions on cold days, but also for everyday use. Logo on the chest, small "Hedonskate" tag on the side. If you like a simple yet exclusive style, the Hedonskate 92 Sweatshirt is exactly what you are looking for!

In the photo, the model is wearing a size S sweatshirt. Check the size chart to choose the right size chart.


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Hedonskate is a group of people with passion, endless blading excitement - our brand is not just a store - Hedonskate is currently one of the most dynamically operating brands in blading industry. Represented by top riders all over the world. By choosing Hedonskate - you can be sure that you have a personal contribution in shaping our blade world!