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My Fit is personalized fit – we focused ourselves in the full customization of liners for all types of action sports.

A characteristic of a high quality boot is one that fits tight to the feet. This secure the position of the foot inside the boot, giving extra support and in fact increases the comfort. The boot is the connection of the athlete to his equipment whether it`s for inline skating, water-skiing, or other types of action sports.

If this connection does not function 100%, it will have a very negative impact on the sporting experience. To protect you from these problems, we have specialized ourselves in the full customization of a liner for all types of action sports.

The general performance, as well as the general fit and comfort of boots, can easily be completely customized in just a few minutes. Make you own unique personalized fit.

Size table

Size [EU]363738394041424344454647
Size [US]345677,58910111213
Size [UK]234566,5789101112
Length [mm]230237244251258265272279286293300306



Powerslide was founded in 1994 with only one thing in mind: high quality products for all types of skating.

Since then we have been focusing on the development and production of high performance skate products. The products entail BEARINGS, WHEELS in all sizes: 58mm, 60mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and even 125mm. As well as FRAMES, BOOTS, PROTECTION SETS, Elbow protection, knee protection, wristguards, but also helmets, laces, buckles and other accessories.

This variety of products can be used for speedskates, powerskates, fitness skates, aggressive skates, powerblades, nordic skates, freeskates, salom skates, and any other type of skates. But we don´t stop there, we specialize on everything that rolls, so our products are also used for SCOOTERS, stunt scooters, inline scooters, two wheels scooter, twist scooter, three wheels scooters with all the different sizes like 125mm, 145mm and 200mm wheels.

And Powerslide the company is not just about Powerslide the brand, but we also produce and distribute brands like USD, Xsjado, Kizer, Undercover, Gawds, SureGrip, Matter wheels, Choke, Ennui, Doop and more.

Powerslide enables skaters throughout the world to skate faster, jump higher and break their own limits.

Our love for the sport, our innovations, attention to detail and our drive for quality are reflected in every single item. Powerslide products are tested and approved by the world's best skaters.