THEM - 1st Year - Print

  • 3x Gawds Socks

“THEM SKATES YEAR 1” A collaborative effort between @arms_studio and @themskates available @bladingcup #bladingcup2018 Design and direction by @mikemcmullen @cheryl_humphreys with photography by @ryanschude @christiandelfino @brandonsmith8 @adamkola @jmlabez @jonjulio @hgrmedia @ecklboy @pittsandpieces @haydengolder @jasonreyna @eiji_sakihara @dan2_ryu


Them Goods

  • Beanie x 2

Them Goods distribution was started by Jon Julio and Brandon Smith. The company distributes Valo as well other brands, and at the same time it produces specialised bearings for aggressive skates.