Go Project - Bearing Milk

  • Dead Wheel Pakiet

If you’re a proper blade nerd then you’ll probably strip, clean, lube and re-assemble your bearings. Go Project Bearing Milk* was designed for the lazier blader, with a view to giving you some extra ZOOM WITHOUT spending your Sunday dismantling your bearings. Just give your bearings a wipe down (kitchen roll will do), then add three drops and work them into the bearing by spinning it a little. The lube will give you some extra spin-time and aid any expulsion of grit, dirt and dust whilst you save up your pennies for a new set.


*It's not actually Milk, it's ultra light Oil. (Oil works better than Milk. Milk sounds cooler than Oil)


Go Project


Here at Go Project we like to think we are taking product endorsement in the inline industry in a new direction.

Instead of having a 'team' of skaters, we enrole 'guest skaters' who partake in product endorsement PER PRODUCT. Each time we manufacture a run of products with a skater's name associated to it we pay them UPFRONT for their endorsement of that product run.

This pays the skaters their dues and allows us the freedom to work with new skaters on a regular basis.

All profits from the first production run of bearings go to the skaters.