Size table

Obwód rzeczywisty17.8 CM 21.6 CM24.1 CM26.7 CM29.2 CM31.8 CM
Obwód po maksymalnym rozciągnięciu 21.6 CM24.1 CM26.7 CM29.2 CM31.8 CM39.4 CM


  • Hyper Wheels

It is the fourth quarter and the gridiron has been a battlefield all afternoon. You have taken shots and given just as many in return but you are beginning to feel the impact. Your first step is not as quick, the pads and uniform are feeling heavy. This is the point you hear the coach’s voice in your head, “no pain, no gain”. Something you have heard since you began playing sports.

What if you could eliminate the pain, what if you could eliminate the fear of pain? What if you didn’t have to feel the weight of your pads? What if all you were thinking about was the fact that your opponent is looking tired, and you still have plenty of fuel in the tank?

That is what we at G-form want to offer you. Try our groundbreaking, and revolutionary technology and you may find yourself checking in better performance when it comes to crunch time. We make products that make sense. We offer the latest in technological innovation to athletic protection to make it easier for you to do what you want to do. We eliminate the constant worry that you’ll fall, slip, or slide , so that you can focus. Focus on winning. Focus on work. Focus on success.

So go ahead. Be extreme. Push the limit. There’s nothing you can’t do… with G-Form. But we warn you, your competitive edge is about to about to create a gap everyone behind you will have to worry about.