Go Project - Button Head Replacement frame Bolts

  • Anti Rocker Pack


This product now comes with 'Patchlock' applied to the thread, reducing the chance of the bolts coming loose once fitted.

The Go Project Button Head Replacement Bolts now in stock! Those amongst you who remember Salomon skates will be familiar with the button head style bolt, only these come in longer at 14mm. Those that don't remember, a button head bolt sits flat (ish) to the top of the frame, giving the wheel some breathing space. Fitting a wide variey of frames on the current market these are a handy replacement for any bolts you have rounded off or at the end of their life from rusting. As you'd expect, a standard 4mm Allen Key fitting gets them in and out.

FYI, these bolts fit perfectly for Oysi frames when using a 60mm wheel in the middle.


Go Project


Here at Go Project we like to think we are taking product endorsement in the inline industry in a new direction.

Instead of having a 'team' of skaters, we enrole 'guest skaters' who partake in product endorsement PER PRODUCT. Each time we manufacture a run of products with a skater's name associated to it we pay them UPFRONT for their endorsement of that product run.

This pays the skaters their dues and allows us the freedom to work with new skaters on a regular basis.

All profits from the first production run of bearings go to the skaters.