Entente Goods Wax Eugen 240g Medium - Mint Green

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This is it, the epicenter of German engineering: Entente blade wax.

Each block of these super fast sliding blade wax blocks is a self mixed & a slowly melted composition of fine slippery ingredients. It’s as unique and special as you are, honey. Each of the following wax recipes is based on countless highly scientific skate session tests and optimized for nothing but your purest grinding pleasures.

ENTENTE GOODS EUGEN blading wax is made for a subtle desire to shine on like a crazy diamond. And if you want your spots to slide nothing but fast. EUGEN sits at the Swiss pocket knife sweet spot of our hardness scale and is available in a breeze of mint green.

Eugen Enin gets a Euro for every block sold. Therefor you get 240g of wax. One hand waxes the other. The wax block comes in a hands-on jute bag, which can be re-used over and over. It is made of 100% recycled bleach free cotton (Oeko-Tex standard 100). With 180g/cm2, it can withstand a lot.

Entente Goods


The Entente DIRIDARI projekt is our doctoral thesis plus golden effort-stars in skateology: a minimal and 100% functional flat frame, crafted out of the perfect material, made in Germany. A smokey anchorman voice would be like: No-holds-barred! We say: Hey, supergut!