Iqon AG 10 - Boot Only

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Iqon AG 10 is a universal skate model designed for various purposes, created with high-end components and offering countless customization options. Being the premiere skate product of the upcoming Iqon brand, AG 10 provides the unique approach to carbon based skate construction. Previous, popular models based on a carbon shell, such as common USD Carbon, were characterized by a rather compact shape and a distinctive, very precise fit. Yet very tight and narrow shape of USD Carbon shell caused problems with the fitting of the right size effectively discouraging from the longer use. The shell of the Iqon AG 10 skate has been therefore designed from scratch, offering much more space. The AG 10 model are one of the first carbon skates on the market with a slightly more classic shape, similar to composite structures.

Carbon fibres obviously increases the stiffness, yet the biggest feature of AG 10 is the use of full carbon cuff. Mounted almost 1 cm higher than in USD Carbon skates, the cuff in Iqon AG 10 skates will provide better ankle stabilization and can eliminate any pressure points thanks to the heat mould option.

The fabric skin, reinforced with Kevlar and fully integrated with the lacing system will make it easier to fit even in the case of very wide feet. The wider toe box will also give us noticeably more freedom, while the strongly articulated heel cup allows for optimal support of the ankle.

In order to provide the ultimate comfort within the more sturdy, carbon shell the Ag 10 are paired with Iqon x Myfit Prime liners. High top liners with the reduced volume for higher precision. Rigid, upper part contrasts with the soft and moldable tongue made of completely new mix of foams, which work perfectly with the flexible finish of the skin and the lacing system. The tongue is slightly narrower, allowing for a greater range of forward flex. Silicone applications on the bottom and on the back of the liner will effectively lock it inside the shell. Independent lacing system, Kevlar patches securing of the cuff bolt area and a comfortable EVA sole. Optionally velcro shock absorber can be removed.

Originally the role of the upper buckle is taken over but elastic Velcro strap, made of materials used in the production of safety belts. The light strap definitely gives far more freedom although we can easily replace it with the standard aluminium buckle, also included in the box. Another bonus is an optional plastic slider that can be glued or screwed in (holes need to be drilled on our own) to the side of the shell for additional protection from abrasion.

Iqon AG 10 skate is characterized by a completely flat bottom shell that helps with mounting UFS frames without the need to use a soul plate. Giving the lowest possible centre of gravity, the solution is very useful when skating with bigger wheels. Providing unmatched energy transfer, carbon aggressive skates are very often used as the basis for urban skate setups, but until now availability of such equipment has been very limited. With the premiere of Iqon AG 10, we finally get equipment that will not only meet the expectations of aggressive skaters, but will satisfy even the most demanding fans of free skate or even Wizard skating enthusiasts.

Size table

Size [EU]3940414243444546
Length [Cm]24,525262727,5282929,5