Iqon AG 20 - Boot Only

  • Nils Jansons

AG 20 skates are the one of two new skate models offered by Iqon brand, the new player on the market, part of Disroyal distribution family. From the very first glimpse the Iqon skate can catch attention with its compact and slick shell shape together with a number of useful solutions, definitely placing them on the shelf with higher-class equipment.

Composite shell with the addition of carbon fibres is a proven skate construction, used earlier in the USD Carbon Free models or Gawds skates. However, at the request of Iqon riders, the material is now a bit stiffer. Another difference compared to the USD Carbon Free is also the significantly higher position of the cuff. It goes well in pair with high Myfit Prime liner, offering noticeably greater stability, but reducing the range of forward-backward flex.

Visually, Icon AG 20 skate model resembles the high-end mountain boots with a lacing system based on strong, metal eyelets, thanks to which round, thick laces will not cause any pressure points. The 45 degree Velcro strap, mounted firmly with screws will hold our ankles in the safe position, while the top, elastic overboot of the lacing area will greatly facilitate performing any topside grinds. Independent tongue, incorporated within the skin fabric, fills any free space inside the shell, complementarily preventing the heel lift. An aluminium buckle, fully protected against damage thanks to the characteristic shape of the cuff.

Iqon AG 20 composite cuff is also a well known patent from USD Carbon IV. Equipped with an extra insert of harder density and fixed with a screw, will help us control the plasticity of our skates. So if we are looking for a more flex, the optional insert can be easily removed, resulting in a large v-cut.

Thanks to completely flat shell, Iqon AG 20 skates are fully compatible with the soul plates of similar construction from different brands. The original set comes with one of the most praised and popular soul kits on the market, once found on the USD VII models and now also used on Gawds skates. Offering an impressive soul and negative space as well, the one-piece Iqon soulplate is made of wear-resistant Dupont Zytel material. It is still attached only with UFS bolts, but the addition of extra holes for screws, allowing the possibility of fixing them to the shell, noticeably increases the energy transfer. The complementary layer of soft foam between the shell and the soulplate will keep the skate completely quiet making it a really a nice feature!

In terms of convenience, Iqon designers certainly did not spare. Offering single size ranges, Iqon x Myfit Prime liners are tall liners with reduced volume for high precision. The stiff upper part contrasts with the moulded, completely new material of the tongue, working perfectly with the flexible finish of the skin around the lacing system area. Silicone applications on the sole and on the back of the liner will effectively lock inside the shell. The independent lacing system, Kevlar protection of the hinge screw area, comfortable EVA insole and the optional Velcro shock absorber. The Iqon x Myfit Prime liner is the major element of the Iqon AG 20 skates, giving them a specific feel and fit.

In the box with the skate we will find an optional plastic slider, as well as a set of Velcro straps that can replace the upper buckles. Iqon AG 20 skates are modern equipment for aggressive and urban skating, offering a number of configuration options and a futuristic look. If we do not want to compromise and are looking for universal skates of unmatched quality, we boldly recommend the Iqon models.





Size table

Size [EU]3940414243444546
Length [Cm]24,525262727,5282929,5