Kaltik K Skate - Black Ninja

  • Nils Jansons

The Irish brand Kaltik, known among skaters for the production of innovative frames, enters the market of children's aggressive skates.

The adjustable shell is available in two size ranges: EU 33-36 and EU 36-39. Adjusting the size is very simple and requires no additional tools - press the outer button and slide the shell to the desired size.

The binding system is a combination of standard laces and two buckles - the upper and the middle one at a 45-degree angle to keep the ankle in the right place.

Made of slippery nylon, the Soulplate is symmetrical - if necessary, it can be moved from the left to the right skate and significantly extend the life of the entire set.

The Kaltik K Skate - Black Ninja model is equipped with a Kaltik Stealth frame in a Flat setting (4 wheels of the same size in one frame). The Flat setting will make learning to skate much easier - the skates will be much more agile and stable.

Two-piece, flexible liner. K-skate skates have the UFS mounting system - we can easily change them to any other frame compatible with this standard.

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Kaltik was established in 2002 by Conor Manweiler. His aim was to support the Irish rollerblading scene. He wanted to produce clothing and hardware and sponsor a team. The team started out with six Irish riders in 2002. Kaltik`s siganture product - Stealth Flat frame convinced many to go back to flat setups!