Razors Cult - Navy

Razors Cult skate is enjoying a renewed popularity among skaters who are discovering that it`s slim shape, light weight and tight fit is giving the rider perfect control over the skates.

The new Razors - Cult - Black comes with GC Featherlite 3 frames, a Razors liner with extensive padding and a replaceable soul frame and backslide plate.

The Cult Black offers a solid platform for beginner to advanced skaters, right out of the box.  Fully customizable from the buckle and cuffs down to the frame and wheels.

US Shell Sizing:

  • Size 1 – 6/7 (Width: 93mm / Length: 267mm

  • Size 2 – 8/9 (Width: 96mm / Length: 286mm)

  • Size 3 – 10/11 (Width: 99mm / Length: 299mm)

  • Size 4 – 12/13 (Width: 102mm / Length: 310mm)


Size table

CM24,525,525,82626,5 2727,52828,52930



Coming from sunny California, Razors is a producer of the most wanted skates on the market. Comfort, style, universality and innovative solutions are the main features of Razors skates, which are used everyday by such skaters like Jeph Howard, Derek Henderson, Kiril Galushko and Alex Burston.