Razors - Genesys 9.1 - White/Green

  • 2 for 1 Hedonskate x Bladelife

Genesys 9.1 is a great all-round skate for intermediate and advanced level skaters.

Razors Genesys skates are one of the three main molds from Razors. Thanks to it’s versatile shell construction and thick padded liner, it will fit every foot.

Huge advantage of the Genesys models is the wide range of spare parts available in different color, making the customization quick and easy.

Razors Genesys skates comes stock with Ground Control Featherlite 2 frame, which greatly supplement this all-round set.


Size table

CM24,525,525,82626,5 2727,52828,52930



Coming from sunny California, Razors is a producer of the most wanted skates on the market. Comfort, style, universality and innovative solutions are the main features of Razors skates, which are used everyday by such skaters like Jeph Howard, Derek Henderson, Kiril Galushko and Alex Burston.