Remz - HR 1.2 - Boot Only Setup

  • Hyper Wheels

With the HR1.2 REMZ introduces a new generation 'true-balance' boot with an adjusted location of the frame that eliminates the outwards bending of REMZ skates, resulting in a lot more balanced and comfortable position of the foot inside the boot and a skate that will stay strong longer.

ATTENTION: Due to this modification the former One-Piece Soulframes and Backslideplates don't fit on this skate. In the near future REMZ will release Soulframes especially made for the True-Balance-System. We'll keep you up to date. "I feel much more solid in my Remz than I ever had before" says Chris Haffey about the HR 1.2, "It feels so much more natural to be truly balanced over the frame and it took no time to adjust at all. Landings got more solid instantly and even just standing in the skate feels better."

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Remz is a leading brand in the Rolling industry. Its founder and owner is rolling pioneer Kato Mateu.

Since 1998 we have been designing and selling high-end rolling (in-line) boots for the hardcore bladers out there. Some of Remz most acclaimed inovations include its unique hard/soft boot design (freedom-of-feet concept), the customizable ankle support, the rear lacing/strap system, the neoprene liner, and the V-cut.

Currently the brand is represented by Nils Jansons.