Remz - PRO Josiah Blee

Meet Seattle street ripper and Remz team rider Josiah Blee's first ever signature skate, Remz's newest weapon: the Josiah Blee Pro Model.

For this new release we took its winning formula and streamlined it with a front lacing system securing the foot in place while slimming the back of the boot for a contoured slick look. The result is a lighter skate without compromising comfort and support, all packed in a classic and stylish black/grey/white color scheme.

We adapted the liner technology developed on the previous Nils Pro to create a new design featuring an integrated boot+liner lacing system locking it in place and giving the skate a solid feel, as well as an updated anatomic tongue providing great support and comfort.

An exciting new release, this new Josiah Blee skate will please both the Remz fans and those new to the brand, pick up a pair!


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Remz is a leading brand in the Rolling industry. Its founder and owner is rolling pioneer Kato Mateu.

Since 1998 we have been designing and selling high-end rolling (in-line) boots for the hardcore bladers out there. Some of Remz most acclaimed inovations include its unique hard/soft boot design (freedom-of-feet concept), the customizable ankle support, the rear lacing/strap system, the neoprene liner, and the V-cut.