Seba - CJ Wellsmore 2017

  • 3x Gawds Socks

The third edition of aggressive skate model from Seba brand. Signature model of Australia finest - CJ Wellsmore is based on plastic shell. Integrated, high liner provides high support and unprecedented comfort.

The skate comes stock with Seba aggressive frame, which has a number of features distinguishing it from the competition – rockering option allows to accommodate 4x64 mm wheels in Flat setup! Complete with Pro wheels CJ Wellsmore 60 mm wheels and plastic grind-wheels.

Size table

Size EUEU-40EU-41EU-42EU-43EU-44EU-45EU-46
CM2525,426,227,1 2828,530


  • 2 for 1 Hedonskate x Bladelife

Seba Company was established in 2005, by French Slalom Hero, Sebastien

SEBA skates has immediately brought Technical Skating innovations to the
marketplace, and simultaneously spent a lot in energy, time, and money to
develop skating and its community.

Nowadays, the Seba  company is already a Big player of the Inline Skating
industry and is pushing even harder to promote many different disciplines and
having Incredible products.