Get THEM 909 skates with Intuition V.2 liners

THEM 909 + Intuition V.2 (Stock liner included)

THEM 909 Brunch - Black

THEM 909 Brunch - Black

Intuition - Skate Liner V2

Intuition - Skate Liner V2

Price: 450.00€

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THEM 909 Brunch - Black

Updated shell/boot material. We made our Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) material harder/tougher for added support and longer lasting. Comes with V.3 Them Liner with New Neoprene Toe and original V.1 tongue. 
Equipped with Soulplates 2.0, thickened interior walls for longer lasting. For easier customization "Bridge Soul Plate Hardware". 
UFS street skating frame, designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio.
Low h-block position, designed for use with flat or anti-rocker wheel setups.
Durable, low-friction material, made from injection-mold glass-filled nylon.
Precision-milled aluminum frame spacers.
Custom-made steel axles, with asymmetric head - only needs one tool to tighten or loosen.
Low riding height - 30mm from top of frame to middle of axles.
Two wheelbase lengths - 250mm or 270mm wheelbase.
Fits up-to 58mm wheels for flat-rocker setups.
110mm distance between middle wheels.




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Them Goods distribution was started by Jon Julio and Brandon Smith. The company distributes Valo as well other brands, and at the same time it produces specialised bearings for aggressive skates.