Usd - Carbon Free Plus DIY

The Carbon 4 created many fans thanks to a removable, heatmoldable liner. Of course, the logical next step would be to create a Carbon IV with composite shell, as we have done with our previous Carbon models. The Carbon-Free has been immensely successful due to multiple advantages - the skates are light, comfortable (more spacious that the Carbon counterpart) and available at a great price.

Thanks to it's special construction, the removable liner and the canvas material, the new Carbon-Free Plus is the first ever dyeable skate in the market.

We are proud to present the new Carbon-Free Plus DIY, offering a world of customization options like never before.



  • Composite shell / reinforced
  • Carbon cut and padding
  • Carbon fit and last
  • Strong and lightweight
  • New heatmoldable My Fit second Skin liner
  • Dyable Canvas upper

Size table

EU 38394041424344454647
CM ---2525,726,427,127,828,529,129,8 --


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