USD - Carbon Free Plus Montre Livingston

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Montre`s opinion:

"I wanted to do something different with this boot. We've had so many good blades come out I had to keep the ball rolling. With this boot I wanted to go a different route, making it like a shoe that hasn't been used yet and that fits my style. This was perfectly executed, from the dreadlock laces and beads, to the fabric flap. You this boot and think, Montre and that's exactly what I wanted. 

I also wanted a new boots or just something to change it up a bit, sp the carbon free plus is perfect. Kids can now change the liners and always feel like they have a fresh set of blades on. The liners are also heat moldable and extremly comfortable, which is perfect if you're like me and you do a s*** tons of gaps. The outer skin for the blade is a suede style and very durable. All in all perfect blade thanks MK and powerslide family."

Size table

Size [EU]3940414243444546
Length [Cm]24,525262727,5282929,5


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