Usd - Sway III Team 2018 - EX Display

  • Dead Wheel Pakiet

Ex display Skates and Quads are models that are 100% efficient but they are not sold as a commodity of full value due to:

  • lack of package
  • lack of tools and extra screws
  • possible discoloration of white material (plastic, wheels)
  • minimal signs of use visible on wheels
  • minor scratches
  • colors and graphic details between the photo and the actual product may vary

Each ex display product is covered by the same terms (such as 10 days for refund or exchange of goods) as any full-value product.


Size table

EU 38394041424344454647
CM ---2525,726,427,127,828,529,129,8 --


Universal Skate Design established in 1998, have been the leading aggressive skate manufacture since day one. Being the very first strictly aggressive oriented brand, USD have been providing wide range of products that revolutionize the market. The latest flagship product of USD - AEON skates is the answer for the constantly changing needs of
aggressive skaters.