Usd Sway Montre Livingston White/Red - Boot Only


The all new Sway skate is the choice of many USD team members including Montre, one of the most iconic skating personalities in blade history. The Sway boot offers superior support, perfect grind abilities and great comfort, coming as standard in this model with the MYFIT Fat Boy liner.

The wide soul plate is replaceable and made out of fast and long-lasting nylon material with added glass-fiber. Customize the boot with the frame of your choice from Kizer or any other UFS compatible frame brands. Add wheels and bearings of your choice to experience the smoothest grinds and biggest gaps with this stylish and simplistic aggressive skate. Just like Montre, the skate stands out and easily puts a smile on your face.

"I originally started skating the Sway skate just to try it out and see how a hard boot would feel after skating carbon style skates. To be honest, at first I didn't really like them. It wasn't until after I broke my ankle and needed more ankle support that I really started to like the Sway model. Its hard but light shell was perfect for going big and it could hold up to the torture I put them through.  

When I choose this boot for my pro skate, I knew I'd have to upgrade it a bit. I added the 45° powerstrap to the boot to give it a solid heel-lock making the skates five times more responsive to your movements.  

The MyFit Fat Boy liners are my favorites so I obviously had to add them, with a bit of my own flare to the design but lets be honest, the FatBoy liners don't need any changes. I went with a white boot this time simply because I've never had a pro boot this color. As most of you know, my favorite color is red so, it was an easy decision to add red details.

The Monkey King theme has been a long time coming and I feel that, if you know of the origins, you'd see that its a great fit for me haha.
Smooth white boot with red accents, ya cant beat it. Simple and dope. Just the way I like em.

Happy shredding folks!"  

Montre (Monkey King) Livingston

Size table

Size EU37-3839-4041-4243-4445-46
US Men5,5-67-7,58-910-10,511-12
US Women6,5-78-8,59-10
Mondopoint [CM]23,524,5262728,5


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