Valo - AB V13 Coffee - Boot Only

Valo V13 AB Coffee is the third edition of anniversary V13 model, based on tried and proven design of Roces M12.

Very slim and sleek shell makes V13 one of the sickest looking skates even i large sizes. Strong Memory Buckle, improved liner and low-cut cuff.

Valo V13 boot will fit the soulplates of following brands: Valo (classic and Dual), Roces, SSM.


Size table

CM 2323,52425262728293030,531


Valo skates are the most sought-after products on the market. Valo Brand has been providing us with new lines of skates for 10 years now, supporting such riders like Alex Broskow, Eric Bailey, Victor Arias or Brandon Smith.

Characteristic feature of Valo skates design are a strong and stylish skin over the boot which distinguishes Valo products from others. The Valo offer includes the skates with common, plastic shell or more advanced carbon-based shells that are basis for all Pro models. Valo skates are a great combination of proven solutions with a fresh touch – durability and appeal that convinced hundreds of people around the world.