Symetrics Souls - Grey

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The Symetrics soulplate is the first soulplate on the market that is symmetrical, meaning that if you wear down one of your soulplates you can switch it around with the soulplate from your other boot.

The soulplate has proven itself to be the fastest sliding and longest lasting soulplate on the market, due to the raw material that we use.
It fits on several types of flat-based boots without modification and on even more with minor modifications.

When used with an Adapt boot, the Sixmount slots increase rigidity and strength.
The material used for the Symetrics soulplate is a raw, self lubricating material that makes the Symetrics soulplates the fastest soulplates in the world.

This material is not the same as 'diamond' or UHMW. It is harder, slides faster [also on aluminum] and lasts longer.

Version 3 upgrades:
Upgraded sixmount slots to accompany the M6 hardware upgrade.
Exact same material, but from a better supplier. This means the soulplates slide even faster and last even longer.

The soulplates have been resized - each size is now a little bit wider.
This makes sure the soulplate fits perfectly onto the boot.

Another big advantage is that the soulplate is now a bit wider at the heel and backslide area for easier lock on grinds.

Small size recommended for EU36-40 / UK4-6 / US4.5-7
Medium size recommended for EU41-42 / UK7-8 / US8-9
Large size recommended for EU43-44 / UK9-9.5 / US10-10.5
XL size recommended for EU45-47 / UK10-12 / US11-13


Size table

Skate Size39-4041-4243-4445-47
Width MM114 mm118 mm120 mm120 mm
Length CM252 mm259 mm267 mm286 mm


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The Adapt Brand is a Dutch boot company founded by Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant. By creating a unique boot design with only the best materials, Adapt is putting its mark on the industry. Every step we take is to offer you an improved product.

A high-end skate with unique features like the symmetrical soulplate system, lightweight carbon/kevlar structure and a perfect fit, all designed from scratch. It is our goal to treat every skate that is made like it is ours. Adapt is a handmade experience.

Adapt is the first contemporary skate brand with a blank background. No old molds, no big corporations backing it up, a completely new skate just made for rolling. Rollerblading is growing up. Time for our boots to follow.