Usd Sway Soulplates II - Grey

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The second generation of replaceable soul kits for popular USD Sway skates. The essential change in the 2022 version is completely redesigned shape. This time the soulplate is slimmed down, making it more compact. The front part is now encircling the toe box completely, while low profile side walls perfectly matches the shell. The new design gives the Sway skates much-needed visual upgrade.

Massive soul space is still a big feature. The contact area (with a ledge or a rail) is bit redesigned yet it does not make the whole skate so bulky as the previous edition.

Sway Soulplates II comes stock with the newest signature pro model of Chris Farmer's Sways, which obviously assure easy lock on with any negative or inside grinds. All variations of this kind of tricks will be effortless. Another improvement can be found with the royal groove. Chris is a flat setup skater so the new groove is much wider yet more shallow. Such features facilitate stress free grinding with eight wheels. Extra wheel wells will also help to accommodate bigger wheels so no modification is needed if we would like to use powerblading frames.

Reinforced with glass-fiber GFRP-GFK plastic, will be noticeably harder than its predecessor. It greatly translates into high durability and abrasive resistance. More rigid material also allows for much faster grinds!

The nice aspect of previous Sway soulplates was its versatility. With little modification the part could be adapted to skates of other brands. This distinctive feature can be also found in the second generation. New shape makes it even more straightforward when it comes to using it with skates like Them, Roces, Valos or any other, based on the shell with the raised heel.

Usd Sway soulplate is a great way to revitalize our worn skates. Tremendous combination of long-lasting material, minimal weight and solid stability. The soulkit comes with all mounting hardware and is full compatible with the UFS system.

Attention! Sway Soulplate II is compatible with older Sway models, yet it requires drilling extra holes in the boot to match new mounting.

Size table

Soulplate SizeSMLXL
Skate Size37-4041-4243-4445-46


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