50/50 Grindwheels

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We designed the 50/50 Antirocker Wheels to be the best grinding solution for all frames and setups. We’ve been experimenting with materials for over 20 years and found that UHMW is one of the best plastics for grinding. It’s why we used it for our original grind plates and the original Juice Blocks. The 50/50 Antirocker Wheels are machined out of solid UHMW making them slide better than any traditional anti rocker wheel.

The design of the 50/50 Antirocker Wheel is ideal for helping you lock on to groove tricks and stay there. The angle lines up perfectly with the groove on the 50/50 Balance Frame and works great with any other frame on the market.




Started as a grindplate manufacturer, later transformed into a frame company, 50/50 is a well respected brand with proven quality and a characteristic combination of aluminum and plastic. 50/50 is represented by Jon Fromm and Stefan Brandow.