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BHC Dano Gorman 60mm/89a (4 szt.)

  • Anti Rocker Pack


Alex's latest pro wheel for BHC, features a rounded profile to promote a smooth and fast roll in both the streets and parks. The new BHC food line comes complete with personalised packaging, to bring back a flavour of yesteryear. The pro rider will receive £2.00 royalty as part of this purchase.  This product is a set of 4 wheels.


Black Hearted Collaboration comes from UK. The company brings out top quality wheels and soft-goods every year. Labeling themselves as "corporate killers' BHC is a fully skater-owned and operated brand that has earned respect of such international riders like Montre livinstone, Albert Hooi, Alex Burston, Leon Humpries and Hedonskate representant – Nils Jansons