Go Project - Team 60mm - Grey

  • Hyper Wheels

In order to make a 60mm wheel in a compound Go Project wanted and a shape they wanted they made a brand new bespoke wheel-mould from scratch.

The Go Project 60mm wheel uses Go's renowned urethane compound, this time a little harder than the previous models for a faster ride. It’s exact elliptical shape was carefully considered to give the appropriate balance between speed, stability and grip. The small core allows for enough give in the urethane to create a good 'footprint' (for grip) and shock absorption.

Go Project spent a year testing new materials for the hub. This time they managed to fully extract the colour pigmentation out of the core leaving them with a stronger hub material. They also changed the way the hub is bonded to the urethane 'tyre' so the wheel is now more resistant to de-coring. The wheels have a lifetime warranty against de-coring and core fracturing.


Go Project


Here at Go Project we like to think we are taking product endorsement in the inline industry in a new direction.

Instead of having a 'team' of skaters, we enrole 'guest skaters' who partake in product endorsement PER PRODUCT. Each time we manufacture a run of products with a skater's name associated to it we pay them UPFRONT for their endorsement of that product run.

This pays the skaters their dues and allows us the freedom to work with new skaters on a regular basis.

All profits from the first production run of bearings go to the skaters.