Rollerblade Hydrogen Street 60mm/92a (x4)

  • Hedonskate Ilusion

Hydrogen Street 60 mm wheels are designed for ultimate urban performance. Made in the USA with an exclusive Premium formula, the scooped inner core supports a urethane outer that enhances speed, mechanical grip and wear. The compact street profile provides the maximum maneuverability needed for tricks. 4 wheels per set.


• OPTIMAL STREET PERFORMANCE - Highly-controlled speed and excellent wear, 60mm/92A
• PREMIUM FORMULA - Resilience and rebound for tricks
• SOLID CORE DESIGN - Consistent speed and cornering
• MAXIMUM GRIP - Excellent vibration control
• MADE IN THE USA - (4) wheels per set, bearings and spacers not included



  • Hedonskate Ilusion

Rollerblade® created one of the fastest growing sports in the world and continues to be a leader in the inline skate market.

Originally perceived as an off-season training device for hockey players, Rollerblade® pioneered the inline skating boom by transforming inline skates to a widely accepted "lifestyle" product just about anyone can use. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fun seekers and Rollerblade® employees continue to enjoy the sport and experience of inline skating.