Undercover TV Line 2nd Ed. Mery Munoz 60mm/88a (x4)

  • Hedonskate Winter Beanie

It´s showtime with the new UC Pro - TV Line wheels. Test the magic of the aluminum hub on a classic 60mm - 88A wheel. 

Undercover TV Line Mery Munoz 60mm/88a Alucore wheels are made for speed. They are the fastest aggressive wheels ever made. These UC wheels featuring a new tough and indestructible aluminum core that has been extruded and then CNC machined to perfection.

The interlock core design provides a tough bonding between the new 88A UHR compound and the core. Long-lasting, fast as hell but still super grippy. This wheel was specially designed for park skating. It comes in a bullet shape for high speed. Mery Munoz 60mm/88a Alucore wheels are perfect for the skater looking for a fast flat skate setup.




Undercover is another brand from theConference family. The wheel manufacture was based on completely different technologies: super thick core,a fast and durable urethane are the main features of new wheel series from Undercover.