Undercover - Circus Line Richie Eisler 68mm/88a (x4)

Pro model from Undercover wheels of recognizable blader - Richie Eisler. Professional skater, filmmaker, photographer, instructor - Richie Eisler is "all-in-one" man, but known primarily for his countless street sections. Having a USD Aeon Pro model for big wheels, it was natural treatment from Undercover to create corresponding wheels.

Circus Line Richie Eisler model has the optimal size of 68mm and 88a hardness - the perfect combination for FLAT setups (4 wheels of the same size). Combine them with powerblading frames or USD Aeon skates to create a universal set for everybody!



Undercover is another brand from theConference family. The wheel manufacture was based on completely different technologies: super thick core,a fast and durable urethane are the main features of new wheel series from Undercover.