Usd - Dominic Sagona Throne UFS

The UFS Throne could also be considered the Throne 2.

The UFS Throne was eagerly adopted by Classic Throne fans in 2001, now having the chance to test a variant on the original.

As a result, the UFS Throne and the Classic Throne now hold equal shares in the inline market, and both can claim a hardcore fan base.

The UFS Throne boasts a lightweight yet durable, flat soul, making it ideal for all ledge tricks, switch-ups and cess slides. The skate itself is extremely tough and streamlined, and is also a part of the USD Custom builder program, and is compatible with Kizer Diamond Soulplates and both v-cut and standard  USD cuffs.

World class skaters and international idols continue to swear by this skate, and with names such as Dominic Sagona and Billy O'Neill at the forefront of its promotion, it's not hard to see why it continues to dominate the market.

Size table

Size [EU]38394041424344454647
Size [cm]24,52525,526272828,52929,530


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