Gawds Michel Prado II Top Straps - White (x2)

  • Nils Jansons
Elevate your inline skating game with our Gawds Top Closure Strap. Designed specifically for Michel Prado’s pro models, this Velcro Strap features a design that provides maximum stability and control.   Made with durable materials, it features a strong adhesive backing and a reliable Velcro design that allows for easy lace-in and out. The straps comes in white color, and it's perfect for skaters of all levels. Comes in pairs.   Sizes: 
  • S: 39-42 EU
  • L: 43-47 EU



Gawds was created by Franky Morales - the icon of style. Wheels are manufactured in USA on the proven formula of Undercover wheels.

The brand is represented by: Franky Morlaes, Paul John, Micheal Prado & Martina Svobodova.