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Magic Boots Skate Goods Happy Cap - Black

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

Traditional low-crown, unstructured, six-panel cap that will stay on your head even while performing high speed maneuvers. Made with 100% Organic Cotton.

Organic agriculture protects people and the planet by avoiding the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals that affect both the environment and the people who produce them.


Magic Boots Skate Goods

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Born in Latvia, incredibly talented Nils Jansons is the definition of professional approach to rollerblading career. Being on skates since he was nine, Nils has been consistently progressing not only his blading skills, but for many, he is an unsurpassed model in promoting himself and skates in general.

Over the last decade, he has been associated with many leading skate manufacturers such as Remz, Ground Control, BHC (currently riding for Roces), in 2022 he decides to launch his own, personal brand simply called NJ.

Created from the great passion and love for the culture of aggressive street skating. The slogan “by skaters for skaters” is the most accurate here, guaranteeing that all the income will be entirely invested in new projects by Nils Jansons. Own clothing brand allows him to continue creating quality videos, products or events that will be the foundation for the next generation of skaters.

When choosing NJ products, you definitely focus on quality. All the fabrics were carefully sourced and each product is based on original cut. The NJ apparel will definitely pass the test of time, offering so much more than clothes from other competing brands.