Epic Storm - Black/Grey

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Epic Grindshoes take a high-quality sneaker and make them better. Most normal sneakers work great to walk around, but that's about it really. Once you slip on a pair of Epic Grindshoes, the city becomes your playground. You can grind practically every surface, you can combine your favorite sports with additional trick options, or you can be a pioneer of a brand new urban movement.

Size table

Size EU363738394041424344454647
Mondo Point (MM)229236242248255261268275282289296303
Size US55.5677.5891010.5111212.5
Size UK44.5566.57899.5101111.5

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Epic Grindshoes is the latest project of the Powerslide brand. The idea for grinding shoes is not new - in the 90s the Soap Shoes brand was very successful commercially. Soap products could be seen often in TV commercials or video games, but similarly to aggressive skating, the Soap shoes boom ended as quickly as it began - mainly due to the lack of product availability on the wider market.

The ever-growing popularity of Parkour and Freerunning street acrobatics did not let Powerslide to forget about this phenomenon. Matthias Knoll, the charismatic owner of Powerslide, waited for the right moment to breathe "new life" into the project. And so, in 2019, the first work on Epic Grindshoes samples began - stylish sports shoes offering unlimited possibilities of playing in the urbanized architecture of the city. Oli Benet, known in the aggressive skating scene, joined the venture and became the main brand manager. An extraordinary team of Epic Grindshoes was created immediately and have been testing prototypes for nearly two years.

The experience and feedback of riders such as Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Livingston or Air Dolphin allowed for the creation of the 'Sandwich sole' patent - the main part of Epic Grindshoes footwear. The progressive groove design provides an excellent rail lock while being very low. Also, the raised corners make grinds possible on curbs while maintaining a safe plate-to-ground distance to prevent the plate from touching on regular walking.

According to the originators, Epic Grindshoes will be a huge, completely new movement of people having fun in a way that we have unfortunately forgotten for the last decades. Team Epic Grindshoes can get really exciting, and this is just the beginning! Think what the parkour and freerunning community can do with them - check out Epic Grindshoes products and become a pioneer of a new extreme sports genre, Free Slide!