Kaltik Flat V.1 - Green

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

Have you ever had a problem with landing a bigger gap on your frames with Anti-rocker setup? Have you ever wanted to get more speed at skatepark transitions? Are you sick of quickly wearing wheels? If you confirmed those three questions we have a good solution! Kaltik Stealth Flat frame is a revolutionary product that will get you to riding 8 wheels flat again in no time! Thanks to it's innovative design and carefully profiled groove, the frame can hold four 60mm wheels, leaving enough space for grinding. Wheels are well “hidden” inside the frame!

Why it is worth to try them?

  • more speed
  • more maneuverability
  • improved shock absorption while landing gaps
  • more stability while riding “non-perfect” surface
  • less wheel wear


Size table

SizeSize 1: S/MSize 2: M/L
Shell Size38-4243-47



Kaltik was established in 2002 by Conor Manweiler. His aim was to support the Irish rollerblading scene. He wanted to produce clothing and hardware and sponsor a team. The team started out with six Irish riders in 2002. Kaltik`s siganture product - Stealth Flat frame convinced many to go back to flat setups!